The Plight of Steel

The Start of an Epic Tale

The Plight of Steel is the first novel in the series of the same name. Over seven-hundred pages detail the inciting incidents that will grow into conflicts with reverberating consequences. Read about the kingdoms of Riverfall, Windspeak, Nightfall, and Velerin, and become immersed in the lives of the men and women struggling to live in them.

The Known World has been charted and mapped by ancient kings since the birth of humanity, separated into kingdoms and countries that are ruled by monarchs and warlords who seized the crowns during the Great Victory of the First Age. Upon each throne sits a different ruler, and in each kingdom, many plot to take these seats for themselves. In the north, a scheme to murder a queen on her coronation day is conceived, while a boy king to the west lives as a slave to a powerful warlord. The southern monarchs hear of a threat from the lips of sailors about an old legend come true, while the eastern king secludes himself from the rest of the world, hiding from a darkness that drives him mad. Through murder and conspiracy, happiness and sorrow, there is one true plight that all must face: the plight of steel.

The Storylines

Cassara Vendyros is coronated, as her father is sick with an unknown illness. Her brother, Balthier, tries to assassinate her, giving cryptic hints through thoughts and dialogue as to his reason for doing so. She escapes unharmed, and over the course of the story, comes to learn that, not only is her father alive and well, he is also using her in a master plan to regain his former power. She is banished, then wrecks on the shores of Yvaereth, where the sadistic prince, Duncan Wysteria, keeps her as a pet and tortures her for weeks.

Adrian Starmane accidentally amputates himself with a sword, and falls ill with a fever. He begins to have visions of strange things, including Gods, demons, and dragons, and wakes up to find out that his father’s council believes him to be the mythical Savior, destined to destroy The Specter King. His father is now intent on training him, then getting him to the Forest of Rock in order for him to fulfill the prophecy given to humanity by the ancient priests.

After beheading a beleaguered and disgraced Dymon the Black, boy-king Castian Valinor miraculously survives The Silencing – a test where criminals are drowned in vats of grain. He then becomes king, but his success is short lived. His sister, Kelyssa, must learn to become queen of a corrupt kingdom, its prestige and honor long dead, though her council and advisers are seemingly working towards their own malicious goals.

Alistair Wildlight believes his son to be the Savior, and pushes him beyond his limit both mentally and physically. Ancient stories start to drive him mad with fear and uncertainty, and as he sequesters himself in his castle, restricting all travel to and from his kingdom, his people start to die out, all while his new elven advisers poison his mind further.

After being summoned to Velerin by a young Nictus Sharpe, Duchess Elyssia Delerosa and her cousin Jaymes are asked by Cyran Sharpe, the disgraced king, to help him defeat Dymon the Black. The warlord has conquered the kingdom, and now rules it with an iron fist, making it difficult for the duchess to accomplish her task. Eventually, she begins to have her own visions of the future, which complicate an already dire situation.

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Sir Winmore Normand

Author's Note

“This novel was my first foray into the world of literature. I began writing at the age of fifteen, and completed it two years later. It is a look into my life experience – both the good and the bad – and a story told the way I think a story should be. Influences were drawn from all my favorite fantasy series, cherry-picked and altered to fit the material – given my own spin and unique touch. This story means the world to me, as there is a little bit of me in every character, and I’m excited for people to discover the project I’ve poured my soul into for the past years. It started as a simple fantasy book, and eventually evolved into something far greater, more complex, and for the guy writing it – a pain to keep track of at times. It’s not an easy read, but if you can master it, you will quickly find yourself sucked into its world.”

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“Thank you personally for looking into this story. It means the world to me. My goal is to have this story read by as many people as possible, and for those readers to find something in it that they can truly connect with, no matter how small.”