Frequently Asked Questions

There will be four books total, the first three being the main story, and the fourth being a prequel of some kind, which will detail the war between Alvador Zorander and Shyrrik Vaenoria, as well as the arrival of the royal families. 

There is a main character for each storyline, I’d say. Cassara is for Riverfall, Adrian is for Windspeak, Alistair is for Nightfall, and so on… Perspectives often change throughout the chapters, and certainly when characters die or are phased out. If I were to choose one main character, I’d pick Cassara Vendyros, however. It all starts with her, and all ends with her… Whatever that may mean… 

The series is certainly not meant for young children. There are frightening scenes, intense violence, and profanity. No sexual content or descriptions of nudity, but everything else is present in spades. It is also a complex story that is hard to follow for some people. I’ve had people come to me confused, asking what was going on, until they gave it a second read and it all clicked. High school age and older is probably best suited to understand the story, and stomach the intense bits. 

The Plight of Steel is 771 pages long. Each book will be around that length, as the limit for Amazon publishing is 800. I may be releasing hard cover special editions at some point, which will be around 500. The size of the book itself will be bigger, and the text smaller, to accommodate the shrink. 

Cassara. She’s based on my own personality and journey through life, and I kind of see the world mostly through her eyes. 

After the four books, I’m planning to write a companion book complete with images, lore, and tons of fun extras. After that, I may release some short stories or spin-off type novels and novellas that take place in the same world. We’ll have to see.