Assets and Images

Everything Visual

This page is a site for all image assets having to do with the novel series. You’ll find house sigils, backgrounds, stills, and eventually featured fan art. 

Everything here is downloadable – just click on the image, and it should enlarge for saving. It’s all copyrighted, but you can use anything here for non-commercial purposes. 

House Vendyros
House Valinor
House Starmane
House Sharpe
House Wildlight
House Villalon


Cassara Vendyros
Virion Vendyros


Alvador Zorander's Grave
Humans in Deyeron
Alvador Zorander
The Dragon's Children
Fall of Leviathan
Creation of Evil
The Forest of Rock
Dragon in Snow

Book Covers

The Plight of Steel
The Point of Chaos
The Plight of Steel 3D
The Point of Chaos 3D
The Point of Chaos 3D Range


Lord Vurasil
The Seer
The Kingfisher
Varthorath the Iniquitous
The Lion
The One
The Ram